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Whether you are a residential, commercial, institutional customer, or a promoter in the new residential construction business, Gaz Métro Plus offers a wide range of energy products and services. From the installation to the complete take-over of your natural gas equipment, through their maintenance and repair, Gaz Métro Plus offers you a high quality service.

Choose the right appliance for you

Rent, finance or buy your central heating system, water heater or air conditioner with Gaz Métro Plus.

Protect your appliances

Gaz Métro Plus specializes in the repair and maintenance of natural gas appliances and offers protection plans tailored to your needs.

Protect my appliances

Solutions at your disposal to meet all your needs!

Whether you want to schedule an appointment for the tune-up or repair of your natural gas appliance, Gaz Métro Plus natural gas expert technicians are there at any time to meet your needs.

Gaz Métro Plus now offers the opportunity to schedule an appointment with a service technician directly on its website.

  • View available time slots
  • Get an email confirming your appointment
  • Avoid long waits on hold and enjoy the flexibility of this new service
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Replace your air conditioning unit

Replace your air conditioning unit with a more efficient device and get a bonus $500 for your old equipment if you choose to rent.

Replace your water heater

Rent your water heater for as low as $23.75 per month. Enjoy the peace of mind brought by a warranty that fully covers parts & labour for the entire time you are renting your water heater.

Have your air ducts cleaned

Gaz Métro Plus are experts in keeping the air in your home clean. For your health, your EXPERT PLUS recommends that you have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis.

Get a protection plan for your heating system

Each equipment manufacturer requires regular maintenance to cover warranties on parts and components, as well as to ensure the safety, performance and energy efficiency of the device.