Our Mission

Gaz Métro Plus aims to be recognized as:

  • The leader in the supply of energy products and services in the residential, commercial and institutional sectors;
  • A supplier offering a range of products making it possible to meet all of the needs of its clientele when it comes to the installation, maintenance and complete servicing of air and water heating and air conditioning  equipment;
  • A successful firm that is socially responsible and concerned about the environment, and whose customers value the quality of its service and its expertise.

Our Markets


Gaz Métro Plus offers a range of products and services for the residential market including heating and air conditioning systems replacement, water heaters purchase or leasing, system tune-up, protection plans, dual-energy systems installation and air duct cleaning.


Gaz Métro Plus offers a range of products and services for the commercial and institutional markets, including hot water and heating systems upgrades, service contracts, dual-energy systems installation and air duct cleaning.

Our Values

The Company has set its management and operations sights high by adhering to these prime values:

  • Respect is the touchstone governing all relations with clients, investors, employees, suppliers, business associates and competitors.
  • Determination to give excellent service , a will to succeed, striving to reach our goals, are all the driving forces that assist us in becoming better day by day.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit, each individual's accountability for results, independence in performing work tasks, form the important characteristics that set us apart.
  • Teamwork, cooperation with all comers, a possibility to innovate and take initiatives, are essentials for the firm's proper operations, development and success.
  • Integrity, professional ethics and avoiding conflicting interests in performing one's duties also occupy a privileged place in our prime values.

These are the values that guide Gaz Métro Plus, its employees and business relations in their development.