Choose to rent !

You wish to have peace of mind for ever?

Leasing a water heater adds only a fraction to your Énergir bill, and can go a long way to helping balance your monthly budget. Enjoy the peace of mind brought by a warranty that fully covers parts & labour for the entire time you are renting your water heater.

gaz metro plus peace of mind is guaranteed

Discover the numerous BENEFITS of Gaz Métro Plus leasing program

  • No initial payment on equipment and installation2 and Gaz Metro Plus takes away your old water heater free of charge.
  • Your peace of mind is guaranteed, because your appliance is covered by a parts and labour warranty for the entire duration of your lease, no additional fee.
  • Receive a single monthly bill (Énergir + rental fee)
  • Priority phone service 24/7.

Choose Autonomy !

You wish to enjoy hot water even during blackouts ?

Atmospheric or direct vent standard water heaters operate solely on natural gas, allowing them to run even during blackouts. This way you will never run out of hot water, even when the power is out. 

certification energy star

Choose Efficiency!

You wish to reduce your energy consumption?

With Gaz Métro Plus you have the choice to select ENERGY STAR certified water heaters. By choosing this type of water heater, you will reduce your energy consumption.

  • Atmospheric Water Heater starting at

    • No electricity required, silent and autonomous operation 
    • Energy Star models available 
    • Requires a chimney vent
    • Reservoir of 30, 40, 50, 60 or 75 gallons
  • Chauffe-eau event direct

    Direct Vent Water Heater starting at

    • Wall exhaust without electricity required, silent and autonomous operation
    • Energy Star not available
    • Reservoir of 40 or 50 gallons
  • Chauffe-eau évacuation mécanique

    Power Vent Water Heater starting at

    • Electrical exhaust ventilation fan, therefore no possible autonomy
    • Energy Star models available
    • Various installation options
    • Reservoir of 40, 50, 60, 50-65 or 75 gallons
  • Tankless Water Heater starting at

    • Requires electrical power to operate
    • All tankless water heaters are Energy Star certified
    • Tank-free unit, it only heats the water that you need
    • Space-saving design
    • 35% more efficient than a standard water heater

For general information on natural gas appliances visit The Blue House.


1 $16.75 per month rental rate for a 40-Gallon Atmospheric Giant Water Heater. Taxes not included.

2 If an upgrade is required, an additional amount may be charged by Gaz Metro plus or the installer at the beginning of the rental period.