A new service for multi-residential property owners

Gaz Métro Plus and Energere, two leading energy companies, are joining forces to bring multi-residential property owners* a brand new service. We are improving the performance of your real estate investments by significantly reducing your operating costs. Tailor-made technical and financial solutions include the management, modernization and optimization of your energy infrastructures using efficient technologies and value-added maintenance services.

A unique offer on the market, with many benefits

  • 20 to 40% reduction on your energy bill
  • Secure investments with cost, energy savings and financial assistance guarantees
  • Complete management, including engineering, construction and operation, of your energy infrastructures
  • Research and securing of financial assistance entirely covered by our specialists
  • Long-term stability of expenses thanks to modernized, reliable and well-maintained infrastructures
  • Flexible and beneficial business models and financing offers
  • Access to a pool of experts in the energy sector
  • Design and engineering

    Energy audit
    Detailed feasibility study
    Business plan
    Securing of grants

  • Construction

    Purchases and procurements
    Construction management

  • Post-construction services

    Energy monitoring

  • Services and maintenance

    Regular equipment maintenance
    Repairs and correctives
    Preventive monitoring
    Maintenance of assets

About Energere

Energere is a leading energy services company in Quebec for 20 years. As an engineering and integrated construction company, Energere carries out energy performance projects in the public and private sectors.

See energere.com

About Gaz Métro Plus

Gaz Métro Plus has been in business for nearly 18 years and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Énergir L.P. A leader in the maintenance, repair, sale and lease of natural gas equipment, Gaz Métro Plus also offers a wide range of service agreements on the different heating, refrigeration and ventilation components of buildings.

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*Applicable to buildings of more than 75 doors