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An energy-efficient solution!

During the heating season, the smart controller constantly adjusts the temperature of the hot water in your boiler in real time, in keeping with the outdoor temperature and according to the desired indoor temperature set. Heat loss in your building is thus reduced and you save up to 20%1 in natural gas consumption, providing optimal performance. 

Save and optimize your energy performance

The smart controller has an outdoor temperature sensor. Based on the ambient temperature you set, the controller precisely adjusts the water temperature of your heating system in real time. The colder it is outside, the hotter the water produced by the boiler. If it is mild outside, the sensor informs the controller, which reduces the temperature of the water in the boiler.

The smart controller is for you

The Gaz Métro Plus ExpertPlus will conduct a diagnostics of your heating system and prepare a bid enabling you to make an informed decision to take advantage of the savings generated by the smart controller.

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1Source : mncee.org (Center for Energy and Environment). Measured Energy Savings from Outdoor Resets in Modern, Hydonically Heated Apartment Buildings. Presented for information purposes only.