Heating system tune-up

For a limited time, tune-up your heating system for only $148,75!1

Your EXPERT PLUS is just a phone call away, ready to give your home heating system a tune-up that will reduce the risk of power failures and help keep your winter cozy.

This one-hour tune-up is performed by your EXPERT PLUS, who will carefully check your heating system, and service it to deliver a safe and optimal combustion performance.

Maintenance include

  • Thorough cleaning of the integral components
  • Inspection of :
    • the operation sequence
    • the combustion quality
    • the tightness and leakage
    • the combustion exhaust pressure
    • the circulation and filter
    • the electrical power supply
    • the safety couplings

For your safety

Your appliances must be regularly inspected and maintained by qualified experts. Poorly maintained equipment can emit carbon monoxide (CO) in your home and cause a health hazard.

Regular maintenance increases the life of your appliances, while reducing the risk of breakage or malfunction. Well-maintained appliances improve energy efficiency, resulting in savings on your natural gas bill.


1 15% discount on a tune-up worth $175. The customer must have the tune-up carried out by an authorized Gaz Métro Plus technician or agent before March 31, 2017. Certain conditions apply. The offer applies to a one-hour tune-up. Your tune-up could require a longer period of time to complete, and the Gaz Métro Plus EXPERT PLUS may identify other necessary repairs. If this is the case, the cost of labour and replacement parts and repairs will be billed at current Gaz Métro Plus rates.


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