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Have you thought about renting your heating system ?

Savings PLUS!

FINANCE your central heating system with Accord D and benefit from numerous advantages :

  • Benefit from a 5 years financing;
  • Minimize your downpayment on the unit and its installation;  
  • Get a 1-year warranty on parts and labour;
  • Extended warranty of up to 5 years available for purchase.  

RENT your central heating system and :

  • Minimize your downpayment on the unit and its installation;
  • Enjoy lower monthly payments than when financing to buy;
  • Receive a single monthly charge applied directly on your Gaz Métro invoice;
  • Enjoy a parts and labour guarantee for the duration of the contract;
  • Enjoy emergency service 7 days a week.  

For more information on heating systems financing conditions or promotions, call 1-866-641-PLUS (7587). 

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