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Gaz Métro Plus is the winner of the Grand Prize of Workplace Health and Safety in the Longueuil region

On October 23rd, the CSST has revealed the winners of the Grand Prix health and safety in the area of Longueuil. Thirteen companies were introduced, all of which distinguished themselves in the Innovation category for having implemented projects, tangible plans or proactive approaches in health and safety. Gaz Métro Plus won the award for a tool they developed in order to help the service technicians reduce their risk of being in dangerous situations that could cause injuries. With this new tool integrated to their mobile tablet, Gaz Métro Plus’ technicians can now plan their work and take safety precautions prior to their arrival at the customer’s location.

Gaz Métro Plus is now a contender for the national Gala that will be held in Quebec in the spring of 2015.

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