Water heater rental

By renting a hot water heater from Gaz Métro Plus, you get peace of mind thanks to all the benefits of Gaz Métro Plus' leasing program :

  • Free installation1 of the new water heater;
  • Removal and recycling of the old water heater free of charge; 
  • Parts and labour warranty for entire rental period, at no extra cost;
  • Under some circumstances, free installation upgrade to meet current codes (ex. : Fresh air intake);
  • Priority 24/7 service. 

Gaz Métro Plus lets you choose between Efficiency PLUS and Autonomy PLUS. It's up to you... 


Efficiency PLUS

Do you want to reduce your energy consumption?

Your EXPERT PLUS recommends an Energy Starâ water heater, which will reduce your energy consumption by at least 5%. If your installation, the size of your home and your lifestyle permit it, you can switch from a standard water heater to an Energy Starâ tankless water heater. This will give you up to 35% in added efficiency!


Autonomy PLUS

Do you want your water heater to work even during blackouts?

Then your EXPERT PLUS recommends that you choose a standard atmospheric or direct vent water heater that operates solely on natural gas. This way you will never run out of hot water, even when the power is out.

1 If a mandatory upgrade of the installation is required by the natural gas code, an additionnal charge may be billed by Gaz Métro Plus or the installer at the beginning of the leasing term.

âCertification mark of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.




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