Your heating system needs to be replaced?

You areafraid your old furnace will break in the middle of winter, and you arewondering if it is worth replacing before it gives out?

Being leftout in the cold in the middle of winter when your old furnace breaks isdefinitely something you want to avoid. Replacing preventively allows you totake your time to choose your contractor, shop around for prices and enjoy seasonaldiscounts. In addition, the best time to replace your heating system is alwaysoutside the peak season because:

  1. You will not be left without heat during the replacement work;
  2. Contractors will not be overwhelmed with emergency calls;
  3. You will enjoy energy savings throughout the winter;
  4. You will not suffer the discomfort associated with lack of heat at -30 ° C.

Your budget is limited and you believe it is financially wiser to wait until your heatingsystem reaches the end of its useful life before replacing it?

Thinkagain! The more your heating system is reaching the end of its useful life, thegreater the risk of breakdowns and failure.Not to mention, the average cost of a service call for heating failuresis around $ 400! In addition, heating apparels with more than 20 years have a lowerenergy efficiency rating (AFUE) of 78%, which means that more than 20% of theenergy consumed is not used to heat the home but literally goes up in smoke.The new generations of equipment delivers up to 97% of the heat they produceinto your home, losing only 3% up the chimney. Knowing that 60% of the energyconsumed in the average home is used for heating rooms, choosing to replaceyour heating system is a wise decision that could help significantly reduceyour heating costs and make you avoid high repair costs.

Do you alsoknow that choosing to reduce your energy consumption by replacing your furnaceyou may grant you financial support? Notably, Gaz Métro offers discounts of upto $ 230 for a hot air system and $ 930 for a hot water system. 

Finally,Gaz Métro Plus gives you the flexibility to buy, finance or lease your heatingsystem. You can take advantage of energy savings and the increased comfort of anew heating system without strangling your budget comfort.



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